This light-weight oxygen concentrator can be used for home and outdoors. It can be used in perfect combination with flow and concentration to meet the simplest solution. The oxygen demand in the home is suitable for oxygen therapy and oxygen use by any member of the family. The product has the following features:

1 portable design; small size, light weight

2. touch screen

3. HEPA filter can prevent most impurities and bacteria

4. Anion function

5. Heat balance system ensures a longer service life

6. Optional items : Rechargeable battery, bag; vehicle inverter, trolley. Makes it easier for you to use


2 year warranty


CE Certified Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SKU: OLV-B1 (NO59)
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  •  Intelligent Time Accumulation Function: 0-180 minutes timer range, easy to record oxygen time. Supply continuous flow 1-6L/min adjustable,delivers a steady stream of up to 93% pure O2 (1L: 90%±3; 2L: 75%±3; 3L: 60%±3; 4L: 40%±3; 5L: 30%±3 )