This CE approved mask is a new lightweight Nasal  Interface. The ultra lightweight and minimal design means the mask is easy to assemble, wear and clean. The innovative designed means the mask has more movement and flexibility, meaning there are minimal mask leaks. Most importantly it is light and comfortable to wear. 


The CPAP/BIPAP Mask is easy to assemble and clean and has a supporting frame that fits any forehead. It features a 360 degree elbow rotation with a quick release headgear clip.

Nasal Mask For CPAP And Bipap Machine

SKU: 20DB3
  • Unique vent design- quiet and peaceful for undisturbed sleep

    Ergonomic design cushion for extra softness

    Suitable for any CPAP/BIPAP machine and standard 22mm wide tubing.






  • Headgear and Mask Frame Assebly

    Cushions included in the Starter Pack 

    Comfort cover