Using PEM/SPE technology for electrolysis, our inhalation machine makes 99.9999% pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen with no waste water. Simply attach the cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! At 600ML/min you can breathe in 4000 times the H2 of one 500ML bottle of H2 water.

  • H2 Output flow display
  • H2 Output pressure display
  • H2 High pressure protection
  • Low water protection
  • Water level display
  • Instant H2 supply
  • H2 output flow fixed at 360ml/minute 
  • CE Certified


Connect Hydrogen output port, take breathing pipe, power on machine, 

hydrogen will produce immediately. H2 output port is especially used for oxygen

 tube, if customer needs to breath O2 at same time. 

Portable Hydrogen Machine- HX600

SKU: HX-300C/600C
C$3,149.99 Regular Price
C$2,899.99Sale Price
    • Max output 600 ML/min
    • Run time up to 3 hours at 300ml and 1 hours at 600ml (up to 99 hours at 200ml)
    • Adjustable flow rate (10ml to 600ml)
    • 1 minute to 99 hour timer
    • 99.99% purity H2
    • Power with 115v or 220v
    • Water consumption 10ML per hour
    • Silent, could sleep while using the machine
    • Portable ABS plastic case. Smart design
    • Uses Titanium plates and DuPont platinum SPE coated Membranes
    • 1800ml water reservoir with backlit display
    • Air Moisturizing / Purifier Reservoir
    • 27 pounds
    • Dimensions are 14.5″ x 10.5″ x 16.5″
    • CE certified 
    • Machine Use Lifetime: 5-8 Years
  • H2 Machine

    2 Micron Water Diffusion Stone

    4 X 7' Nasal Canula