Air purifiers help to clean the air by removing pollutants in your home or office. 


Health Benefits:

  • Reduces respiratory disease and airborne infections
  • Removes dust and allergens
  • Improves air circulation and removes particles
  • Filtres out larger airborne particles such as hair, fibres, dusts and debris.

Robotic Air Purifier And Disinfectant

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  • Size(Diameter*height) 20*18cm
    Weight 1.6kgs
    Water tank Capacity 1100ml
    Working Speed 5cm/
    Power  25w
    Control Type RF
    Frequency 1.7Mhz
    Atomization Capacity less than 200ml/h
    Noise  less than 60db
    Recharge Yes




    Lithium battery 2600MAH
    Charging Time 3-4 hours
    Running Time 60-80minutes


    Induction Method:

    Auto recharged                           Yes
    Anti-dropping Yes (The height should be more than 10cm)
    Anti-collision Yes
    Climbing height 1cm
    Anti-collision height   Obstacles  should be higher than 3cm ,the diameter should be longer than 1cm
    Anti-dry function Yes
    Application area 120m2
    Remote Control  Yes


    Applicable Floors  

    Wood Floor Yes
    Tiles Yes
    Marbles Yes

    carpet hair should be more than 1cm)


    Package Includes

    1pc X Robotic Air Humidifer
    1pc X 2600mah lithium battery(inside the robot)
    1pc x Remote Control 
    1pc x Charging Station
    1pc xAdaptor
    1pc x Air Outlet