This Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is a positive pressure air breathing apparatus for protecting humans' respiratory system during emergency rescue and relief work. It can be widely applied in the place of hypoxia, high or unknown concentrations of toxic gases, endangering human health, such as fire-fighting, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy and chemical industry, ship, mining, and other envirionments that may compromise your health.




Self-Contained Respiratory Apparatus

C$899.99 Regular Price
C$599.99Sale Price
  • Full Face Mask

    • PC visor+ silicone mask body
    • Permanent double anti-fogging
    • Wide field of vision
    • Scratch and abrasion resistant lens

    Demand Valve

    • Maximum supply flow rate is high than 500L/min
    • The intake gauze can make breathing safer.

    Warning whistle and pressure gauge

    • The warning whistle is integrated with pressure gauge and located on the chest after donning.
    • It will give a continuous 90dB alarm to make sure the user can hear it under noisy environment.
    • The pressure gauge is waterproof and shockproof designed, and it can be read in the darkness.

    Steel cylinder

    • Equipped with pressure gauge valve, can see the cylinder pressure directly
    • Inside with high pressure safety valve
    • With cylinder high pressure safety valve
    • With cylinder protection pad and fluorescence sticker
  • Full Face Mask

    Demand Valve

    Steel Cylinder

    Warning Whistle And Pressure Gauge