This self contained breathing apparatus is composed of  carbon-fiber cylinder, cylinder valve, reducer, medium-pressure tube, fast joint, demand valve, full face mask, high-pressure tube, alarming device, pressure gauge and back pack. It provides effective respiratory protection for oxygen deficiency. Cylinder volume 6.8L enables 30Mpa air filling supports with 30min using,output 0.7Mpa. Auto alarm system makes loud up to 90db higher beeps when cylinder inner pressure under 5.5±0.5MPa. Compatible with walkie talkie handset connection,enables communication in apparatus easily as usual. Constant flow of air can provide cooling, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer. Our Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus is a must for Fire Fighting, Disaster Relief Personnel, Rescue Operation & Industrial Safety. 


 Full Face Mask

  • Made of silicone 
  • Permanent double anti-fogging
  • Wide field of vision
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant lens
  • Kevlar head net


 Demand Valve

  • Maximum supply flow rate is high than 500L/min
  • The intake gauze can make breathing safer.


Warning whistle and pressure gauge

  • The warning whistle is integrated with pressure gauge and located on the chest after donning.
  • It will give a continuous 90dB alarm to make sure the user can hear it under noisy environment.
  • The pressure gauge is waterproof and shockproof designed, and it can be read in the darkness.



  • Equipped with self-lock gauge valve,can see the cylinder pressure directly
  • Inside with high pressure safety valve
  • With cylinder high pressure safety valve
  • With cylinder protection pad and fluorescence sticker



Survivor Emergency Respiratory Kit

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  • Mask



    Visual field


    Service life

    15 years


    Permanent double anti-fogging, Scratch and abrasion resistant lens

    Colors for option                        

    Yellow, red, black, 

    Oil mist Transmittance                          


    Exhalation resistance

    ≤ 0.76bar

    Inhalation resistance

    ≤ 0.25bar (30L/min)


    Gas Cylinder


    carbon fiber or steel



    Working pressure


    Alarm pressure


    Operating temperature


    Service time

    45-60 mins 


    Back Plate





    Comfortable, Flexible/ light-weight

    Achieve 180 degrees bending


    Demand Valve

    Maximum air supply rate

    More than 500L/min




    Balanced pressure                         

    Adopt Med.

    Pressure Alarm             



  • Full Face Mask


    Demand Valve

    Warning Whistle And Pressure Gauge